San Diego Montessori Pre School Classes & Curriculum

San Diego Montessori Preschool Curriculum

Motivation is the key to learning and enjoyment is the key to motivation. In these early formative years, students participate in a play-based, child centered environment that focuses on the whole person. We encourage students to share, listen, participate, contribute, and enjoy themselves while being exposed to all of the elements of learning readiness and, as appropriate, to introductory academics.

Montessori Education organizes the learning environment. The children are encouraged to become independent in their personal care and choice of activities. The Montessori classroom provides only one of each variety of material. The importance of this is that the child learns to wait his turn and respect the rights of others. Children do work in groups, but only by common consent of group members. Aspects of the environment like this lead to the learning of self discipline. The easy availability of many different materials enables the child to choose for himself, thus leading to independence. In the Montessori environment, confidence and self esteem are developed and the child’s joy of leaning is paramount.

Learning activities are specially designed to teach a particular concept. The learning materials and Montessori equipment in the classroom are all self-correcting to enhance independent learning. The Montessori Curriculum is divided into the following areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Geography, Science, Arts, and Manners.

At Bonita Country Day School the Montessori Education is enhanced with the addition of Primary Phonics to the curriculum. Specialty teachers teach Spanish, Art and Music. These subjects are included during the regular school day.