Bonita Country Day Private Charter School Events

Bonita Country Day School Events & Calendar

Back to School Picnic

Each school year starts off with the Back to School Picnic. It is a wonderful time for the returning students to rejoin their friends and families to get together. The children are always excited to meet their teachers and the new students in their classes.

Generations Meet

Our special days for Grandparents and Mothers bring two generations together to share their experiences and stories about school and life. The children always have a special project to complete with the help the grandparents. Mothers are treated to a special activity. Three times a year the children in the grades travel to the two local retirement homes. They sing for the residents and bring them hand made greeting cards. These trips have established a special bond between the generations.

Costume Carnival

The Costume Carnival begins with a parade around the main playground. Following the costume parade, the children enjoy all sorts games and activities. There are yummy treats and prizes as well.

Performing for an Audience

Each year the Kindergarten class does the “T’was the Night Before Christmas” play. Every student has a part from the little mouse, the dancing sugarplum fairies to Santa himself. The older classes love watching the play and remembering the part they played when they were in Kindergarten. A musical performance is put on by the grades. Their sweet voices are like singing angels. Starting in First Grade, the students participate in the annual Oratoricals. Each student uses a microphone and gives a presentation to the parents and guests of the school. Starting with a few lines of a poem and expanding to a memorized presidential address or self composed speech; year-by-year the students build more self-confidence, expression, poise and grace.

Gingerbread Houses

Every year before the winter break the preschool children make ‘Gingerbread’ Houses. With candies of all sorts and oodles of frosting, the houses are quite a sight to see. We are never sure whether more candy goes in their tummies or on the houses.

Sports Day and Field Day

On Sports Day the children are divided into multi-grade teams. The teams compete in all sorts of relay races and sporting activities. Some races test their agility, coordination and balance. And some races are just plain silly for everyone’s enjoyment. The school year ends with Field Day. What a way to go! There are inflatable of all sizes, face painting, etc. and much fun to be had.

Annual Fundraiser

There is one major fundraiser each year. The event proves to one of the most fun and exciting times for all of the parents. The type of event varies from year to year. Many long-lasting friendships have developed among parents working together on the event.

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